Sometimes in life you don’t get the results that you were hoping for, I had my retest and was not happy with it. At first I was frustrated, embarrassed and disappointed in myself. After talking with a few people I have realized that I have to overcome this and just work at making it to my goals for August.

I now have to re-evaluate everything, am I overtraining? Am I eating too little? Or eating too much? Do I need to add more workouts in?

The positive outcome of the re-test, is that I am stronger than I used to be. For the main core exercise, I was able to hold it for 3 minutes! That was a big improvement and I am quite proud of that! Another thing that I improved was the bike, I was able to make it over 8 minutes! That will still need more work but it was more than the last test. For the august retest I am going to push myself all the way to 10 minutes at the high level. For the other exercises, side planks, balance (core), and push ups, well they also improved.



I have to realize that results do not come over night (as many people have told me), this is going to take a lot of work and commitment. Just remember, just because you have a “bad” retest, doesn’t mean you give up…. keep trying! Eventually we will see these goals, just might take a little longer for some of us.

I was telling Joseph how I am feeling fitter and stronger than I used to, AND my clothes are starting to be more comfortable, some are even too big on me! I will keep working out and eat clean and hopefully by August I will be able to write a positive blog about how I reached my goals 🙂


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