Happy Hips! (Part 1)

If you sit or stand most of the day – or if you run, jump and/or work out regularly – chances are you have tight hips. And you might not even know it!

Tight hips can cause back and knee pain and, if you’ve been sitting at your desk working for too long, it can get harder and harder to get up and move around normally.

Stretching your hips regularly will make a big difference in how you feel! There are a lot of ways you can care for your hips to help keep them happy and flexible: yoga, foam rolling, stretching and even massage can help.

👉 This week we’re going to devote 5 to 10 minutes EACH day to stretching our hips.

This routine doesn’t have to be super fancy. In fact, you can do a few quick stretches while sitting at your desk at work, or standing beside the kitchen counter.

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