Debbie Martinussen
TMR Member 2+ years

“Back in the summer of 2012, my mother was going through breast cancer treatments and I wasn’t coping well. My weight was increasing and I felt horrible about myself. In November, I decided that enough was enough. I realized that if I wasn’t looking after myself, I couldn’t look after anyone else.

I joined the Motion Room that month and I was amazed at the results that I got from the workouts. What a concept! Trainers available to assist you at all times, demonstrating exercises and encouraging you every step of the way… individualized workout plans, a variety of creative class options, with a time commitment of only one hour a day. For a working Mom like me, it was a dream. I simply showed up and they did the rest.

I noticed improvements in my fitness level at all of the quarterly check-in sessions. During one of my recent sessions, I was told that even though I am in my mid-forties, my metabolic age was estimated to be about 30 years. How great is that! I feel so much better and have the energy to tackle all of my daily activities.

I am a huge fan of the game of hockey and have played for many years. My game improved immensely because of improved core strength and cardio-vascular fitness. I am keeping up with girls half my age and even play mens’ hockey occasionally as well.

The best part of the Motion Room is the trainers. They know me better than I know myself, and push me every day to achieve my goals. They also introduced me to the new Polar Loop system to track my heart rate during my work-outs, and it is amazingly motivating. I work to maintain my heart rate within the target heart rate zone as much as possible. I then download this information into my computer to see my ongoing progress.

All in all, I would like to say that the Motion Room changed my life for the better. I look forward to being a member for many years to come!”

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