Takeaways from our time apart

Before the world as we know it changed, life had become a series of rushing: leaving one thing early to arrive late at the next. Everyone was exhausted, stretched thin, and undervalued. Our members inspire us and keep us asking ourselves, “what’s next?”. So when you come back, you’re going to see some serious changes, starting with gratitude.

Takeaway 1


It’s a word that has come up a lot lately. In the midst of uncertainty, many people have chosen to focus on what they do have, and be thankful for it. That’s how we feel at The Motion Room. During this downtime we’ve changed our approach dramatically and we’re hoping that other gyms will follow suit. Because we’ve all changed. We’ve all seen what truly matters. It’s the people that make the place. 

Takeaway 2

More than time on a treadmill

We know it’s going to take yet another great shift to carve out time and energy to get into a regular routine. So we’ve reimagined what it means to ‘come to the gym’ and turned the old business model upside down. 

We are using gratitude as our guide and rewarding you every step of the way. This isn’t about a gym bag. This is about giving you money to spend on things that help you stay nourished in every area of your life. To name a few:

  • Wellbeing & Personal Development at The Coaching Company
  • Registered Physiotherapy
  • Elements Massage Therapy

Takeaway 3

Good health is not defined by squats and sit-ups

It’s your entire wellbeing. We’ve integrated career and holistic coaching, personal development, and stress management services into our offerings. Over the next couple weeks we’ll be diving into what this means exactly for you and how our commitment to members extends far beyond the traditional suite of gym offerings. 

Stay tuned, stay safe, and stay in touch

We are also working hard — and we always will — to keep you safe. When you come back you’ll notice safety standards that support the new world in which we live as well as personal workout pods and highly trained staff who are vigilant about your health, safety, and concerns at every level. 

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