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Everything you need to know to get started before you come.

Our process

Effort is different for all of us

we all have our own challenges and goals No two people's body's are the same so we beleive physical activity should be rewarded by efort and how hard your heart is working, not your fitness level.

The Motion Room is a level playing field, and your invited. Sign up with our all access membership to stay motivated and achieve your goals as our Sweat Equity Cash Back program rewards you for your accomplishments.

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What we do to get you started

How it works

We use science to work you smarter

You DON’T need to give 110%. We’re here to push you to work hard, but not every body needs to pushed to the extreme. 

Depending on your goals and imbalances  you will need to work out to target different movements at specific heart-rates.

Using a heart-rate monitor keeps you accountable and always be in zone for maximum results. Always know when to push harder or pull back and work towards recovery. 

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Feel ready?

Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to help you get moving on the right path.

All queries are replied within about a day.

We get to know you
We want to know what your goals are and what you think might be your roadblocks and challenges.
Download our app
Once you have our app you'll be sent a QR code that will populate the app with personalized instructions for you. This includes which of our classes you should take to achieve your goals.
Heart-Rate Monitor
Supercharge your workouts by wearing a heart-rate monitor. Part of our instructions include what heart rate zone(s) you should be targeting while you're working out in order to target and balance your hormones.
Start seeing results & get rewarded
Sign up for classes or book a session in the open studio, and come ready to sweat! As you hit your goals, you'll also be building Sweat Equity.

Building Sweat Equity

We want to keep you motivated

We’ve gamified the workout experience so you can get rewarded for achieving different tasks and goals. Earn TMR Dollars to spend on these services to help you heal, thrive, and stay nourished at every level. 

  1. 5 Elements Massage Therapy
  2. Nutritional Coaching
  3. Personal Training
  4. Gut Health Analysis
  5. Movement + Gait Analysis
  6. Private Rejuvenation Therapy (Myofacial Release)
  7. Wellbeing, Career & Personal Development with
    The Coaching Company
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