Recovery is arguably the most important aspect of your fitness journey yet the hardest, it seems, to make time for.

Healing does take time, though. It’s slow and results aren’t seen right away. We get it. It can be frustrating. Sometimes it’s easier to commit to intense cardio or a new fad diet because it seems as though that’s where the magic happens. But getting active in your own healing can set you up for success so that the big wins come with greater ease. 

Why you need this

Whether you are an athlete, a mom, healing after injury (or all three) an active recovery practice is so important to your overall health and wellbeing. Using myofasical compression techniques and your own body weight, specialized foam rollers target and trigger areas of the body to release, relax, and recover. 

What it is?

  • Low intensity, no impact (no jumping)
  • Rolling, safe-stretching, targeted pressure
  • Trigger-point release (muscle knots and kinks) 
  • Compression / decompression of muscles and fascia

Benefits include:

  • Increased circulation
  • Reduced soreness associated with acute, chronic and persistent pain  
  • Speed up recovery time and increase elasticity  
  • Lower lactic acid build-up in muscles (less cramps!)

How makes you feel:

  • Rejuvenated
  • Recovered
  • Happy* 

*No, really! There is much evidence to support that rolling decompresses pain receptors, leaving you feeling elated. We know it feels intense at first, but keep at it. You’ll get addicted soon enough!

When to do Active Recovery

  • As a cooldown after a workout
  • The day after strenuous activity
  • On ‘rest days’
  • When you feel anxious, stressed out, or unfocused


with some modifications it can be a fantastic practice for prenatal and postnatal women. Always make sure you are being guided by a specialized trainer who is certified to teach prenatal and postnatal classes. 

rejuvenation workout

How to get Rejuvenated

We are excited to soon be offering specialized classes, like our active recovery class ‘Rejuvenation’, in various different formats: online, in your own My-Zone Workout Pod, or with a personal trainer. And, our newly launched Sweat Equity system makes it easy to reward yourself with even more classes and coaching with us or our partners at The Coaching Company

Find out more: click the button below to find out more about all of the specialized workouts at The Motion Room. We can’t wait to see you again. Until then, stay safe, stay in touch, and stay tuned. 

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