Sweat Equity

TrainMore, Pay Less

a new way To Achieve Your goals

You can earn TMR Points ($1CAD = 20 TMR Points) every time you make a booking, complete a workout, refer a friend and much more.

How it works

A new way of doing things

Sweat Equity is about rewarding you for reaching your goals.

Sweat Equity is our accountability-based approach to fitness and wellness where you will get paid every time you show up for yourself.

To keep you motivated to achieve your goals we pay you to workout. Once you signup, you will earn TMR Points ($1CAD = 20 TMR Points) every time you make a booking, complete a workout, refer a friend, attend one of our exclusive events, and many more!

You will be able to earn up to 50% of your monthly payment in credits per month. You will then be able to use these credit to save money. You can use it towards your membership, buy gift cards, hire a coach, get a personal training, get cash back or any of our additional services!

Building Sweat Equity

Getting rewarded is easy

We’ve created simple ways for you to earn TMR Dollars to spend on services that help you heal, thrive, and stay nourished at every level. 

We’ve changed the way we do things to serve you better. After all, your wellbeing is more than squats + sit-ups and having a partner to help you along the way makes all the difference. Get in touch today to find out more.

  1. 5 Elements Massage Therapy
  2. Nutritional Coaching
  3. Personal Training
  4. Gut Health Analysis
  5. Movement + Gait Analysis
  6. Private Rejuvenation Therapy (Myofacial Release)
  7. Wellbeing, Career & Personal Development with
    The Coaching Company
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