The Studio

2 Workouts Options, Earn Effort Points & Get Cash

One Membership gets you full access. Choose from individual/group 45 minute workouts powered by myzone or open gym timeswhen you want to do your own thing

45 Min workouts powered by myzone

Workout Individually or in a Group Setting

It’s your call, you can choose to book a myzone workout individually in a private pod or in a group setting. All pods have access to all the equipment you’ll need. Industry leading programming combined with myzone wearable tech provides an enhanced social coaching platform giving you instant, colour-coded feedback that shows and Rewards Effort when you workout. 

everyday access to expert coaches!

Download The Coaching Company App to get Everyday Access to Expert Coaching. You will also gain access to a variety of fun workouts, nutritional guides and advanced coaching. Get the benefits of working with a dedicated personal coach through our TCC app from home or in-studio in a positive, and encouraging atmosphere.


Focus on your own workout

Our traditional open gym times come complete with the option to do your own thing or choose from a variety of fun workouts and everyday access to expert coaches through our TCC App. Nutritional support and Personalized programming available through our expert coaches on the The Coaching Company (TCC) App.

If you choose to workout with a personal trainer, you’ll get the camaraderie, inspiration, attention, and professional guidance and motivation that can make difficult workouts easier. 

Space is limited so make sure you book in advance.

Keyless remote GYm access

We have a flexible all day schedule. You can even come in after hours using our keyless remote entry system. However if you’d like to workout with a trainer, make sure to book within our regular studio hours.

How it works

Simple Steps to Success

Movement is medicine

Making gradual changes to your diet and personal routine can have a lasting impact. We call it micro-movements for massive wins. By monitoring and rewarding your progress you can reinvest in your wellbeing through TMR services and The Coaching Company.

Feel ready?

Schedule an appointment with one of our coaches to help you get moving on the right path.

All queries are replied within about a day.

Set Your Goal(s)
Membership, personal training, fun challenges, and more = money to reinvest in yourself. First-time members double their points. 20 TMR Dollar = $1 which you can spend at The Motion Room or The Coaching Company
Start Building Sweat Equity
We’re always adding more ways to win. Build your Sweat Equity by sharing your wins on social media, booking classes online, bringing a friend, or partnering with one of our many health and wellness coaches. You’ve got goals beyond fitness, we are here to help you reach them.
Cash In Your Reward
Use your Sweat Equity to reward yourself with personal training, massage, nutritional coaching, or wellbeing and professional development from The Coaching Company.


Reward your efforts & super charge your results


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