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The Motion Room is the source for revolutionary fitness training programs in Toronto. Your health is important, and we all know how difficult it can be to make working out a part of your regular routine. At TMR, we created fitness programs to help you reach your goals by making the most of every workout. Each day, each week, each month is planned. It’s an efficient, safe and incredibly effective approach to personal training, and in as little as one month, you’ll be noticing the differences and feeling the results. In three months you’ll wonder why you waited so long! Our professional, friendly and encouraging trainers are here to work with you on your fitness journey every time you work out – every time – plus we mix things up so you won’t get bored.
Getting Started is EASY!
We make it easy to get started on the pathway to health and fitness. Whether you are into boot camp training, circuit training, group fitness training or Crossfit style workouts, we have a program that will suit your preferences and goals. Our Personal Co-Training Workout Program and 4 Series Fitness Programs both offer cutting-edge workout plans designed to get you results. Created by a team of personal trainers, fitness coaches and health professionals, these revolutionary fitness programs offer a fresh, innovative approach to personal training. No matter how you prefer to exercise, The Motion Room makes it easy and affordable to
Finally, Personal Training made affordable!
Get Fit, Get Firm, and Get Results at our fitness club in Toronto. Our Toronto location in the West End is conveniently located just minutes away from The Junction, High Park and Bloor West Village communities. The Motion Room brings you revolutionary workout programs with the motivation, support and guidance you need to reach your goals.  
If your goals are health focused and you have made the decision (and commitment) to make working out a part of your routine, our Personal Co-Training workout program can help you reach your goals. Instead of relying on the opinion and personal preferences of an individual personal trainer, our program monitors your performance through specialized fitness exercises and allows you to set the pace. Designed by a team of health experts to get you results, we have developed a universal health program that adapts to you and your schedule. The Motion Room’s Personal Co-Training program combines cutting edge performance monitoring technology with the benefits of a personal trainer, for less than what it would cost for just a few personal training sessions in the GTA. 
The Motion Room’s 4 Series Workout Program is more than just a Bootcamp or group workout. It’s a revolutionary boot camp fitness program designed to offer our members an advanced training system that is also flexible enough to accommodate your specific fitness goals, all while making personal training affordable. There are 4 specific programs to choose from, and each one combines the individual benefits of a personal trainer and the social benefits of a group workout in a Bootcamp style fitness program that is motivating, engaging and of course – produces results.
What do our members have to say?
For more information, be sure to check out these testimonials and stories from our current members as they share their personal journeys and experiences. Our approach to fitness workouts is designed to fit your lifestyle, schedule, and most importantly, give you the motivation and support you need to reach your goals. The Motion Room offers a refreshing approach to personal fitness, and we look forward to helping you reach and surpass your goals in a fun and welcoming environment. 
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