Finally, Personal Training made affordable!
When you think about gyms and health centres, personal trainers immediately come to mind. There is a reason your favorite sport or action hero movie includes a montage with the main character training and developing their skills with their trainer. Guidance, support and experience are all important traits their mentors must have and whether you’re Rocky Balboa or Ordinary Joe, professional training can you help you reach your goals. 

If your goals are health focused and you have made the decision (and commitment) to make working out a part of your routine, our Personal Co-Training workout program can help you reach your goals. Instead of relying on the opinion and personal preferences of an individual personal trainer, our program monitors your performance through specialized fitness exercises and allows you to set the pace. Designed by a team of health experts to get you results, we have developed a universal health program that adapts to you and your schedule. The Motion Room’s Personal Co-Training program combines cutting edge performance monitoring technology with the benefits of a personal trainer, for less than what it would cost for just a few personal training sessions in the GTA.

Whether it’s more convenient for you to work out at our Toronto location or through online training, you can always join a class and continue working on your own customized program, no matter which the trainer is running the class. After your baseline performance levels are taken, we work with you to tailor a fitness program for your goals and schedule. 
Everyone wants the benefits that a personal trainer has to offer. The inspiration, attention and professional guidance can make difficult workouts easier, providing the motivation to help you achieve your fitness goals. However, seeing a personal trainer regularly can end up of costing a lot. Get the benefits of working out with an experienced personal trainer without the costs. By utilizing real time, performance monitoring and tracking with Polar Loop Monitoring Technology, we can ensure you make the most of each workout and fine-tune your program with incredibly accurate feedback. No matter which PCT program you choose, you will get the benefits of a dedicated personal trainer in a positive, encouraging atmosphere backed by state of the art technology and equipment. The future of personal fitness is here.
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“I want to get strong, build lean muscle, and improve my overall health & fitness” 
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  “I want to increase lean muscle, reach new levels of intensity, and get super cut!”
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