130th Visit at The Motion Room

The other day I signed in at The Motion Room and “130th Visit” appeared on the screen, that is 130 times that Joseph and James have seen my big smile walking into the gym, 130 times a trainer has had to come up to me and say “engage your core” or “pull back your shoulders” or “you can lift heavier than that” or Celia’s favourite “you can do 12 reps”……. Celia it says 10-12 reps!!
But most of all it makes me think of other accomplishments that I achieved, and this goes further than just in the gym atmosphere:

My Fitness and Lifestyle Improvements:

CLOTHES: Before last September, I had a hard time fitting into most of my clothes. Now I can fit into practically everything in my closet. I am pretty sure it is almost time for a new wardrobe! Kevin (my boyfriend) will not like that.

JOGGING: The other week I went for a jog and normally when I go for a light 30 minute jog I have to stop and take some breaks. I have always felt that I do not “look” like a jogger but this time, I actually was able to keep up a good healthy pace and jogged for the whole 30 minutes. This made me feel great! I was so proud of myself for reaching this goal.

Lacrosse practice, dry land training: Every Tuesday night my rep team has a half hour of dry land training and than an hour practice. The last couple weeks we have been doing several exercises including the “ladder”. Well, I definitely have a lot of practice with this! At the Motion room the “ladder” is used every day for warm ups. So this has helped when it comes to my dry land training plus my lacrosse practice. The stamina that I have this season has over exceeded my stamina in my past lacrosse seasons.

All in all, after starting my fitness journey at The Motion Room, I have been feeling fitter, and starting to feel better about myself.

The Motion Room
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